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"We believe in the importance of family first and enjoying every moment that we have been given. We see each bottle as a labor of love that shows our dedication to our craft and is filled with fun and happy memories. Please enjoy with friends and family and make memories of your own."
Owners Craig & Kristy Anderson
Sean & Kim Merrill
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Meet Sean Merrill, our winemaker. He started in the wine business in Napa in the 90's, moved on to a career in the Fire Service and now with a Enology Certificate from WSU has become our lead winemaker. Sean believes in taking a well rounded approach to wine making by blending science, sensory, agriculture and fun into producing straightforward wines he hopes everyone can enjoy.

We are very lucky to have a close relationship with our vineyard managers at Antoine Creek Vineyard and Dry Lake Vineyard in Lake Chelan. We are actively involved with the development of our grapes through the growing season and every detail on how the grapes mature prior to harvest.  This shows in the quality of the grapes at harvest and directly impacts the high quality of wine that we produce. We take each season and harvest as they are and produce the best wine that we can from the grapes from each year. We do not believe in trying to duplicate the same taste every year but let each vintage speak for itself. 

Chelan grapes offer the same quality as anywhere on the eastern slopes but have a geological secret  found no where else in Eastern Washington. When the glaciers moved in on the East side and then retreated, the only place left with rich mineral soil was the Lake Chelan area. The higher concentration of minerals in the soil reflects directly in the quality of the grapes grown from the Chelan AVA.
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